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Week 1

Page history last edited by sneza filipovic 5 years, 4 months ago

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                                                                                          This is how I introduced myself



Hello, everybody!

 My name is Sneza Filipovic and I am an English teacher from Belgrade, Serbia. I have been teaching

English for about 20 years. I work at Kolarac language centre and I teach adults. Now I can`t explain   

why but it took my best friend Natasa 4 years to make me realize how useful and interesting these

sessions are! I never felt I was ready enough to start. Now I know I am ready, or at least willing and

when there`s a will there`s a way. Hopefully, I won`t click too many wrong buttons  J

Yahoo ID:  sneza.filipovic

Skype Sneza.Filip7


But actually I did click too many wrong buttons! I am still scared stiff when I need to press the edit button on Participants` Profiles!





                                                                                      And this is how I felt the first week 1. I even wrote about it. http://entri.co/Lna21O










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